I have a saying: When you've met one child with a language-based learning disability, you've met...one child with a language-based learning disability.

Dyslexia Solutions NYC understands that every child has different challenges, and every family needs help at a different point in their journey. For some, identifying the problem and getting into the right program can be simple. For others, it may take months of evaluations and interviews, applying to multiple schools, securing financial aid, and determining whether or not legal action is necessary.

Dyslexia Solutions NYC can help you understand the diagnosis, identify your child’s needs and find the right specialists and schools. 

For more than 20 years, Sarah Gross was a journalist for ABC News, BBC, and CNN. After honing her research and investigative reporting skills, she dove, head-first, into the arcane world of dyslexic learning.

A graduate of Brown University and a former medical student, she has a deep fascination with the neuroscience of dyslexia, and stays abreast of new research as scientists try to unlock the key to successful learning.

She lives in Manhattan with her two dyslexic children.


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